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New Products For April

Walrus Ivory Pendant

Fossil Walrus Ivory Pendant 925. Sterli...

Caribou Antler Ulu Knife - Polished

Polished Shed Caribou Antler Ulu Knife ...

Scrimshaw Triple Blade - Wolf

Hand-Engraved Scrimshaw on Genuine Shed...

Lovebirds Bracelet - 1/2"

Handcarved Lovebirds Bracelet by Tlingi...

Salmon Ornament

Red Salmon Felt Ornament...

Hummingbird Pendant w/ Flower

Round Hummingbird Pendant by Joe Wilson...


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Walrus Jawbone Carving- Whales

Hand Carved in Alaska by Ron Ekemo Whal...

Whale Bone Ulu Knife

This Item can only be shipped within th...

Woolly Mammoth Bone Ulu Knife

5 1/2" inch blade is made of 440 S...


Hand Carved in Alaska by Jim Correll Es...

Women's Kodiak Vest Black & True Red Custom Native (Totem) trim

Ultra tough and water-resistant, this h...

Lovebirds Earrings

0.7 x 1 inch Sterling Silver Lovebirds ...


Monthly Specials For April

Color Yourself to Calmness by Sue Coccia

Color your way to inner peace and calm ...

$14.95 $4.49Save: 70% off