Dave Hendren

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Black Bear Mask by Dave Hendren

The shaman danced...part man, part bear spirit and sang his song to the booming of the drums, the ho...

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Double Small Faces on Bark Plaque

Trim will vary.. Pictured Trim: white mink and white reindeer fur Hand Carved In Alaska from Black C...

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First Nations Mask by Dave Hendren

First People migrated from Asia following game across a now-vanished land bridge. Aleuts - Eskimo - ...

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Loon Mask by Dave Hendren

The body is painted light and dark with white spots reflecting the marking of the loon. Also 'li...

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Mother and Child Bark Plaque

Trim will vary...mink, shearling, beaver, coyote, fox, reindeer. Hand Carved In Alaska from Black Co...

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Owl Mask by Dave Hendren

"inua of the short-eared owl" Owls, along with many other kinds of birds, the common embod...

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Raven Mask by Dave Hendren

Creator of all things Giver of Light Benefactor of man is portrayed in ceremony, stories, and art. R...

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Shaman Mask by Dave Hendren

Masks represented a wide range of subject matters and basic symbolism of good fortune brought by spi...

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Spirit of the Driftwood Mask by Dave Hendren

Wood is viewed as having feeling, capable of both gratitude and retaliation. Men carved masks to rep...

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Three Generations on Bark Plaque

Small Faces: Grandmother and Mother Mini Faces: Child Cottonwood Bark Plaques... 12 to 14 inches Han...

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Walrus Mask by Dave Hendren

One of two identical walrus masks photographed in use in the coastal community of Quissunaq,are like...

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Wolf Mask by Dave Hendren

Unlike many other animals, wolves share in the care of their young and work together for the pack. B...

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