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New Products For July

Humpback Whale Charm

Alaska Humpback Whale Charm Dimensions:...

Orca Whale Flat Charm

Alaska Whale Charm Dimensions: H 3/4&qu...

Dragonfly Charm - X small

Alaska Dragonfly Charm Sterling Silver ...

Moose Charm - Large

Alaska Moose Charm Dimensions: H 3/4&qu...

Moose Charm - X small

Alaska Moose Charm Dimensions: H 1/2&qu...

Orca Whale with Calf Flat Charm

Alaska Whale Charm Sterling Dimensions:...


Featured Products

Mammoth Ivory Bola Necklace

Fossil Mammoth Ivory 45" Bola Oval...

Canoe Journey by Israel Shotridge

10 X 16 & 18 X 26 inch Signed and N...

Beaver Jawbone Obsidian Knife

Handle is Beaver Jawbone and blade is m...

Fishing Boat Hand Painted Alaska Ornament

Hand Painted 3-1/4 inch diameter glass ...

Mammoth Ivory Bead Bracelet 6-12mm

Preshistoric Woolly Mammoth Ivory Bead ...

5MM Woolly Mammoth Ivory Bead Necklace

Single Strand of 5MM Woolly Mammoth Ivo...