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New Products For September

Wolf with Foliage

Wolf Steel Art Dimensions: L 8" X ...

Walrus Jawbone Carving- Salmon

Fossil Walrus Jawbone Carving by Alaska...

Woolly Mammoth Tooth Set

Woolly Mammoth Tooth Set Earrings featu...

Walrus Jawbone Carving- Salmon

The Salmon is carved out of Fossil Walr...

Mammoth Ivory Jewelry

Preshistoric Woolly Mammoth Ivory Penda...

Eagle with Salmon

Whalebone Carving with Walrus Jawbone E...


Featured Products

Transformation by Andy Everson

Transformation is a limited edition pri...

Woolly Mammoth Bone Ulu Knife

5 1/2" inch blade is made of 440 S...

Mammoth Ivory Bola Necklace

Fossil Mammoth Ivory 45" Bola Oval...

Whale Bone Ulu Knife

This Item can only be shipped within th...

Canoe Journey by Israel Shotridge

10 X 16 & 18 X 26 inch Signed and N...

Fishing Boat Hand Painted Alaska Ornament

Hand Painted 3-1/4 inch diameter glass ...