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New Products For May

Walrus Ivory with Lapis Pendant

Fossil Walrus Ivory with Lapis Pendant ...

Salmon Neck Tie

Salmon Tie Black & Red By Tsmishian...

Ornament Kit- Boat

Boat Ornament Kit 22 pieces instruction...

Walrus Ivory Artifact Pendant

Fossil Walrus Ivory Artifact Pendant 92...

Alaskan Beaver Kit

Beaver Wood Kit 75 pieces Step by step ...

Walrus Ivory Scrimshaw - Caribou

Fossil Walrus Ivory Scrimshaw Display- ...


Featured Products

Standard Billfold - Brown Alaska Salmon Leather

Genuine Salmon Leather from Wild Alaska...

Caribou Antler Ulu Knife - Natural

Natural Shed Caribou Antler Ulu Knife b...

Women's Kodiak Vest Black & True Red Custom Native (Totem) trim

Ultra tough and water-resistant, this h...

Grizzly Bear Puzzle by Sue Coccia

Wood Jigsaw Puzzle by Sue Coccia Specia...

Frog by Sue Coccia

The Frog represents prosperity, healing...

Eskimo Boy with Dog Ornament

Eskimo with Dog Felt Ornament with Rabb...


Monthly Specials For May

Color Yourself to Calmness by Sue Coccia

Color your way to inner peace and calm ...

$14.95 $4.49Save: 70% off
Sustina Cold Tea

Ember's Organic Susitna Cold Tea St...

$15.95 $7.98Save: 50% off