Courtney Tripp

Courtney has been intrigued with the concept of jewelry design since she was a child, envisioning her own company at an early age and selling her creations in front of her family's Alaskan store fronts. Years later, she graduated from the University of Washington with honors in Cinema Studies. It was there that she developed an appreciation for old Hollywood film wardrobe and jewelry design. Her pointed love of vintage jewelry expanded when her Grandmother gifted her with a collection of gemmy, old fashioned brooches and earrings. Each piece passed down from generation to generation with a memorable story to tell. Courtney was inspired to create her own line of jewelry that would tell a story of its own.

Courtney currently designs a unique mammoth ivory and sterling silver line for Ivory Jacks and her self titled jewelry line of bold, vintage inspired pieces was released in 2009. She has a penchant for utilizing naturally beautiful and eco friendly materials such as prehistoric mammoth ivory, vintage ebony wood and precious 14kt gold.