Masks by Dave Hendren

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Black Bear Mask by Dave Hendren

The shaman danced...part man, part bear spirit and sang his song to the booming of the drums, the ho...

First Nations Mask by Dave Hendren

First People migrated from Asia following game across a now-vanished land bridge. Aleuts - Eskimo - ...

Loon Mask by Dave Hendren

The body is painted light and dark with white spots reflecting the marking of the loon. Also 'li...

Lunar Tunghak Mask by Dave Hendren

Spirit Keepers,Protector of the Land Animals. Hunters were constantly under the eye of the supernatu...

Shaman Mask by Dave Hendren

Masks represented a wide range of subject matters and basic symbolism of good fortune brought by spi...

Spirit of the Driftwood Mask by Dave Hendren

Wood is viewed as having feeling, capable of both gratitude and retaliation. Men carved masks to rep...

Walrus Mask by Dave Hendren

One of two identical walrus masks photographed in use in the coastal community of Quissunaq,are like...

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