Ivory Jewelry by Catrin Lovett

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New Products For May - Jewelry

Orca Whale Ornament

Orca Whale Felt Ornament...

Bear in Canoe Ornament

Bear in Canoe Felt Ornament...

Sled Dog Ornament

Sled Dog Felt Ornament...

Moose Ornament

Felt Moose Ornament...

Raven Secret Keeper

The Raven - Creator and the One Who Bro...

Eagle Secret Keeper

The Eagle - Symbol of Peace and Family ...


Featured Products - Jewelry

Transformation by Andy Everson

Transformation is a limited edition pri...

Lovebirds Earrings

0.7 x 1 inch Sterling Silver Lovebirds ...

Woolly Mammoth Bone Ulu Knife

5 1/2" inch blade is made of 440 S...

Fishing Boat Hand Painted Alaska Ornament

Hand Painted 3-1/4 inch diameter glass ...

Mammoth Ivory Bola Necklace

Fossil Mammoth Ivory 45" Bola Oval...

Whale Bone Ulu Knife

This Item can only be shipped within th...


Monthly Specials For May

Sustina Cold Tea

Ember's Organic Susitna Cold Tea St...

$15.95 $7.98Save: 50% off
Color Yourself to Calmness by Sue Coccia

Color your way to inner peace and calm ...

$14.95 $4.49Save: 70% off