Ivory and Mammoth Necklaces

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Fossil Walrus Ivory and Mammoth Tooth Necklace 18"

Fossil Walrus Ivory from St. Lawrence Island Alaskan Artist Catrin Lovett Biography Card Included 18...

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Fossil Mammoth Ivory Necklace with Boulder Turquoise Pendant

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Necklace - Alaska's State Fossil With Boulder Turquoise Pendant by Catrin Lovet...

$386.00 Sale: $347.40Save: 10% off
Walrus Ivory Necklace

Fossil Walrus Ivory is from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. By Courtney Tripp 925 Sterling Silver Lengt...

$600.00 Sale: $540.00Save: 10% off
Woolly Mammoth Ivory Necklace

Woolly Mammoth Ivory Necklace with Sterling Silver. Bead Size: 3mm 925 Sterling Silver Hook and Eye ...

$189.00 Sale: $179.55Save: 5% off