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New Products For March - Alaskan Souvenirs

Walrus Jawbone Ulu Knife- Damascus

Ulu Knife by Alaskan, Bob Merry. The ha...

Woolly Mammoth Ivory Earrings - Whale Tail

Prehistoric Woolly Mammoth Ivory Whale ...

Walrus Ivory Post Earrings

Walrus Ivory from St. Lawrence Island, ...

Mammoth Tooth Pendant with Turquoise - Blue

Woolly Mammoth Tooth Pendant with rare ...


The 'Apollo' pendant, inspired ...

Raccoon by Sue Coccia

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals that liv...


Featured Products - Alaskan Souvenirs

Christmas Star Hand Painted Alaska Ornament

Hand Painted 3-1/4 inch diameter glass ...

Caribou Antler Ulu Knife - Natural

Natural Shed Caribou Antler Ulu Knife b...

Standard Billfold - Brown Alaska Salmon Leather

Genuine Salmon Leather from Wild Alaska...

Frog by Sue Coccia

The Frog represents prosperity, healing...

Fog Woman Totem Pole

Fog Woman Totem Pole Artist Signed and ...

Grizzly Bear Puzzle by Sue Coccia

Wood Jigsaw Puzzle by Sue Coccia Specia...