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New Products For November - Art Cards

Skinner Knife with Red, Brown and Natural Dymondwood

Includes leather sheath. Alaskan handma...

$115.00 Sale: $103.50Save: 10% off
Caribou Antler Knife by Bob Merry

Caribou Antler Knife by Bob Merry the b...

$144.00 Sale: $129.60Save: 10% off
Eco Shopping Bag- Connecting our Ancestors

Connecting our Ancestors by Terry Horne...

$6.99 Sale: $6.29Save: 10% off
Moose Antler Knife by Bob Merry- Polished

Moose Antler Knife by Bob Merry Polishe...

$140.00 Sale: $126.00Save: 10% off
Woolly Mammoth Link Bracelet

Fossil Mammoth Link Ivory Bracelet. Len...

$606.00 Sale: $575.70Save: 5% off
Woolly Mammoth Ivory Link Bracelet (Square)

Fossil Mammoth Ivory Bracelet Square 1"...

$580.00 Sale: $551.00Save: 5% off

Featured Products - Art Cards

Transformation by Andy Everson

Transformation is a limited edition pri...

Mammoth Ivory Bead Bracelet 6-12mm

Preshistoric Woolly Mammoth Ivory Bead ...

$139.00 Sale: $132.05Save: 5% off
Woolly Mammoth Bone Ulu Knife

5 1/2" inch blade is made of 440 S...

Beaver Jawbone Obsidian Knife

Handle is Beaver Jawbone and blade is m...

Mammoth Ivory Bola Necklace

Fossil Mammoth Ivory 45" Bola Oval...

$598.00 Sale: $568.10Save: 5% off
Fishing Boat Hand Painted Alaska Ornament

Hand Painted 3-1/4 inch diameter glass ...