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New Products For December - Artists

Moose by Sue Coccia

The Moose is the largest member of the ...

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Humpback Whales by Sue Coccia

The Humpback whale inspires great creat...

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Eagle by Sue Coccia

Soaring close to the sun, the great Eag...

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Orca by Sue Coccia

The Orca represents power, wisdom, fami...

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Hawk by Sue Coccia

The Hawk represents a powerful protecti...

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Musk Ox by Sue Coccia

"Omingmak" is the Native name...

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Featured Products - Artists

Frog by Sue Coccia

The Frog represents prosperity, healing...

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Fog Woman Totem Pole

Fog Woman Totem Pole Artist Signed and ...

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Caribou Antler Ulu Knife - Natural

Natural Shed Caribou Antler Ulu Knife b...

Standard Billfold - Brown Alaska Salmon Leather

Genuine Salmon Leather from Wild Alaska...

$80.00 Sale: $76.00Save: 5% off
Grizzly Bear Puzzle by Sue Coccia

Wood Jigsaw Puzzle by Sue Coccia Specia...

Alaska Critters Coloring Book by Sue Coccia

Each book contains 15 Black & white...

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