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Bear's Tummy Ache Plaque - Small

Bear's Tummy Ache Totem Pole Plaque...

Moose Antler Salmon Carving Ulu

Moose Antler carved Salmon Ulu Knife by...

Orca Pin by Greg Horner

The Killer Whale signifies nobility and...

Birch Inupiat Eagle Alaska Ulu

Birch handle Ulu Knife. The golden Alas...

Mammoth Tooth Pendant

Mammoth Tooth with Spiny Oyster Pendant...

Woolly Mammoth Ivory Owl Earrings

Woolly Mammoth Ivory Owl Earrings 925. ...


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Lovebirds Earrings

0.7 x 1 inch Sterling Silver Lovebirds ...

Kodiak Women's Vest Black & True Red Custom Native (Totem) trim

Ultra tough and water-resistant, this h...

Caribou Antler Ulu Knife - Natural

Natural Shed Caribou Antler Ulu Knife b...

Standard Billfold - Brown Alaska Salmon Leather

Genuine Salmon Leather from Wild Alaska...

Eskimo Boy with Dog Ornament

Eskimo with Dog Felt Ornament with Rabb...

Grizzly Bear Puzzle by Sue Coccia

Wood Jigsaw Puzzle by Sue Coccia Specia...