Lunar Tunghak Mask by Dave Hendren

Spirit Keepers,Protector of the Land Animals. Hunters were constantly under the eye of the supernatural.

The Shaman pleaded the powerful spirit, living in the moon, for game and other favors. The abundance of animals and food were believed to be in relation to man's respectful treatment of them.

Lunar Masks reflected lunar themes... the toothed orbs and crescents, the twisted-face of "old man in the moon",the curved nose of his lunar phases.

Displayed on this Lunar Mask are holes which allowed animals to be releases on their journey to earth.

Hand Carved In Alaska from Black Cottonwood by Dave Hendren.
Trimmed with reindeer fur.

Approx Size from top of head to bottom of carving: 5 1/4" inches

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  • Item#: SPLUNM