Raven and the Box of Daylight Drum by Odin Lonning

Raven and the Box of Daylight
15" Deerskin Native American Drum

Handcrafted drum and hand painted by renowned Native Alaskan artist,
 Odin Lonning

Dimensions: 15"Wide x 2 1/2"Deep

*Drum Stick Included*

The Raven transformed himself into a pine needle and fell into the water. As the chiefs daughter took a drink from her hands, the pine needle fell into her belly. As time grew longer, the daughter realized a baby was growing in her tummy. Once he was born, the Chief knew he was going to be special. Little did he know Raven was tricking everyone to open the treasure box. Once he became alone he transformed into his true Raven form and as he opened the box, out came the Sun, Moon and Stars. Raven is known for giving light to the world.

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  • Item#: ODINRBOX
  • Artist: Odin Lonning