Cheese Knife With Dymondwood Handle

This Knife was made by Rod Hinson from Haines, Alaska.He only uses high quality metal and Dymondwood for the handles.Dymondwood is a laminated material that is made by dying thin layers of hardwoods and layering them together with resin and pressing them all together under extreme pressure and heat. There is no varnish on this knife.The wood is hand sanded and buffed. Please do not place this knife in the dishwasher as it dulls the knife and finish. Sharpen from time to time before it becomes dull and you will have years of service from this knife. Enjoy !
Blade is 440 Stainless Steel
Length 5 1/2 inches
Total knife Length is 10 inches
Width 1 1/2 inches at the widest point.

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