Haida Frog - (Copper) by Bill Reid

6 X 9 Copper Embossed Matted Art Card by Bill Reid

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  • Item#: 7445
  • Artist: Bill Reid

Much of Haida art and culture comes from the sea, but myths are´┐Ż peoples also by certain female figures who live in the headwaters of streams. They are the Creek women. Onf of them is the Raven's wife, Her first familiar, whom she sometimes calls her child, is the Frog.

In traditional Haida art the Frog is often found sharing his tongue with another creature in exchange of power. The Frog is ever-present intermediary betwen the two worlds of the Haidas, the land and the sea. Imbued with supernatural power, the Frog is one of the shaman's spirit helpers.