Raccoon by Sue Coccia

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals that live from North and South America to Asia, in wooded areas and also in big cities. During winter in cold northern climates, raccoons sleep for extended periods, although they don't actually hibernate. To prepare for cold winters, raccoons pack on extra body fat in fall. On land, raccoons lumber around on all four paws like a bear. The raccoon's favorite foods on land are fruits, seeds, nuts, birds' eggs and plants. In cities, raccoons scavenge around garbage bins. Raccoons are also excellent swimmers, hunting fish, frogs, and crayfish. Raccoon is open to receiving all gifts, her bandit mask helping her scavenge food for her family at night. Traveling with Owl, Bat and Cougar, she looks for every opportunity. See inside the Blackberries, ferns, and Fish that live in her world. Look for the Ladybug who will bring you good luck and happiness!

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  • Item#: NC85
  • Artist: Sue Coccia