Southeast Salmon Dip

Emerald Island Spice Company is located on the beautiful Prince of Whales Island , Alaska.

Southeast Salmon dip has a unique blend of herbs and spices that will turn smoked salmon into an amazing dip,or spread that is irresistible.

Use this mix to make a delicious salmon spread with the addition of cream cheese. Or, if you have run out of salmon , just use this to make a gourmet cheese log, a creamy pasta sauce, or cheese dip.

Ingredients :
Onion Powder, Chipotle Powder, Paprika,Garlic Granules, Salt, Dill

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Salmon Dip Recipe
Mix 1/4 cup Mayonnaise with 2-3 Tablespoons dip Mix.
Add 6 oz Alaskan Smoked Salmon
8 oz cream cheese
Mix thoroughly and enjoy