Tale of Wolves Plaque

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Includes Story Card

24" tall x 8" wide

Hangs Flat on Wall

Price :

  • Item#: 75

Wolf's Offering

A small village at the mouth of the Tooka, was surrounded by the majestic moutains of the Misty Fjords.

These forest peaks are the birthplace of the largest wolf pack in all of Southeast Alaska. These tanacious creatures kept the village at bay. At night the people snuggled in their warm long houses and listened to the song of the wolves that engulfed the night.

Only one did not fear the wolves, she was beautiful, wise and she was a princess. Princess would reply in song to the majestic beasts and they would listen in silence. One misty morning, Princess knelt by the stream. As she dipped her cedar bark hat to gather water, she saw the reflection of herself with a great wolf standing behind her. Not afraid, Princess turned slowly offering the majestic creature water from her hat.

As the wolf accepted her gift, he spoke, "I am the king of all wolves, sing without fear, only of strength and love. We shall someday become as one. Then the wolf turned and vanished into the dense forest of the Misty Fjords.

This hand carved totem is made of old growth Native yellow cedar grown deep in the rain forests of Southeast Alaska.

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