Thunderbird and Beaver Totem Pole

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Includes Story Card
Height: 10 Inches

Read Legend of Thunderbird and Beaver below...

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Thunderbird and Beaver Totem Pole
Shaman, the mystical trickster, changed himself into the Beaver so he could swim the ice cold waters in search of Thunderbird, who lived high above the water drenched rain forest of Southeast Alaska.
The Shaman had once captured Sun from the skies, only to have it freed again by Raven. Now his quest was to capture the power of Thunderbird.
The Shaman, wearing the Beaver's fur approached Thunderbird with a message that the village below was overwhelmed by unstoppable waters rushing through it.
"Perhaps you could empower me with you lightning bolts so I could make fires so fierce the water would retreat to the ocean."
Thunderbird's eyes just glowed.
"Give me the strength of your wings so the thunder shouts the flood away."
Thunderbird's wing flutter as he looks into the dark eyes of Beaver, only to see the Shaman in disguise. The roar of his wings come together in a clash. The incredible force sends the Shaman whirling down the mountainside into the mud flats.
Thunderbird looks to the village only to see smiling faces warmed by the afternoon sun.

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