Thunderbird and Killer Whale Totem Pole

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from yellow cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska

Includes Story Card
Height: 7" Inches

Read about the Legend of Thunderbird below...

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The Legend of Thunderbird
A young boy stood by the ocean's whore watching a small pod of Whales.
Playing in the bay, the whales dove, breached and chased small fish. There was a rumbling sound far off behind the mountains. The boy listened carefully, trying to figure out what the noise was. It came closer, now it sounded more like thunder than rambling. A massive shadow spread across the water. Looking up, the boy saw a giant bird swooping towards the ocean. The bird's eyes flashed like lighting. The flapping of its wings sounded like thunder. The giant bird's talons stretched out, it's claws wide open. With a huge splash the bird hit the water. The boy shrieked when he saw what was in the bird's talons.
The mighty bird came slowly from the water. It's powerful wings struggled to hold onto its prey. Water flowed from the whale as it struggled to free itself from the grip of the talons.
The whale moved helplessly, like a young fish caught in the pincers of a crab. Higher and higher the bird flew until it was above the mountain top where it let out an ear piercing screech.
The whale was too heavy, forcing the bird to fall from the sky. Having no choice, the giant bird reluctantly dropped the whale on top of the mountain.
Upon returning to the village the boy told his story to his grandfather who was honored to tell his grandson that he too, in his youth, had see the Mighty Thunderbird.