The Coming Totem Pole


The Coming Totem Pole

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Includes Story Card

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The young chief stood watching the last of the snow glisten off the treetops. Mist rose throughout the forest into the clear morning sky. Suddenly, the ice cracked far below him. As he moved swiftly toward the water he heard the ice crush against itself. Something was in the air. A different feeling, something wonderful! The young chief ran with full excitement now, keeping his eyes on the ocean. As he came nearer, he spotted an eagle through the trees, He heard the screech of another eagle, then another. Killer whales breached through the open waters. their spray filled the morning air. With excitement overwhelming him now, the young chief ran back to his village shouting. "They are here! It is the beginning of Spring!"