Bear Kingdom Totem Pole

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Includes Story Card
Height: 8 Inches.

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Kingdom of the Bears
Grandfather, who had long since become Eagle, told the young fisherman in order to find his wife, who was taken prisoner by the mighty Sea Lion, he would have to travel far upstream to find his great uncle, the Bear. Desperate to find his love, Niska traveled many days along the banks of the river until he found his uncle, who had been feasting on salmon, his favorite past time.

Bear, hearing of the capture advised his nephew to ask Rain Frog to flood the river. The water would become so deep Sea Lion would be tempted to swim the river. As the river rose, Sea Lion chased the salmon through the flooding waters. Bear leaped from the river bank catching the beast in his powerful jaws. His teeth held tight until Sea Lion divulged the secret hiding place of Niska's Princess.

Bear, who is strong and just, released Sea Lion after a promise he had made to never return to the rivers, the kingdom of the Bears.