Dancing Chief Totem Pole

Dancing Chief Totem Pole

Dancing Chief

"Long before the coming of the White Ravens (sailing ships), it became time for the very old and great chief to pass the leadership of his tribe to a younger chief.

The new leader, chosen by the wise old man, appeared at night by the council fire, dancing, always wearing a cedar carved mask, speaking only with the steps of the mysterious dance. The new chief became known as the Dancing Chief.

Dancing Chief led the great tribe in peace and tranquility. The village people had pride in themselves like never before in their history.

Eventually, many years passed by until it was once again time for a younger chief. The entire village watched their magnificent chief dance in the final dance of the most powerful leadership of all times. They were spellbound as the Dancing Chief removed the mask for the very first time revealing a beautiful lady, chosen by her grandfather, the oldest of all the chiefs."

Totem Pole is Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Includes Story Card
- Available in 9,14 & 24 Inches.