Don & Scot

Don & Scot

Don and Scot met in Leaburg, Oregon while both were apprenticing under a well known Northwest metal sculptor. The friendship was forged. Don had a background in logging and Scot had worked in pipe bending and metal fabrication. After being laid off from their jobs they both found themselves working in this strange new environment and quickly realized their past working skills could be applied.
After years of study they began to apply their new found passion and ideas in a joint effort of creating their own sculptures. With never ending imagination and vision, they are sure you will see new and exciting concepts and designs for years to come. Both men live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon where they find much inspiration from the beauty that surrounds them. Don and Scot share a common passion for family and the outdoors as well as helping within the community. They find peace and purpose through their artwork. Whether at home, with their families, in the studio, or cruising the highways on their Harley, they are always in the creative process.

In The Shop, Scot and Don start by designing a piece on paper. Then they take it to the metal . . .Through processes of cutting, shaping, texturing, and flame painting the metals, they create the scene they envisioned in their minds.

All the work is done by hand and the natural beauty that is pulled from the metals create these works of art.

Sometimes acrylic paints or foils are used as accents. The results are unique wall sculptures that last for generations.

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