Raven's Surpise Totem Pole
Raven's Surpise Totem Pole Raven's Surpise Totem Pole

Raven's Surpise Totem Pole


The Raven

"The chief of the village called a meeting. It hadn't rained in the land in a long time. The streams were beginning to become dry and the plants were dying.

'What are we going to do?', asked one villager. 'If the rain doesn't fall soon, all our crops will die and we might starve.'

'But what can we do?', asked the chief of the village. 'We can't produce rain.'

'That's true, chief. I don't know what we can do.'

Another villager said, 'If only the Rain Raven would fly this way again.'

'The Rain Raven? What's that?', one villager asked.

The first villager said, 'You're indeed new in this village. There's a beautiful Raven that wears a necklace of sparkling blue water against his beautiful feathers. He is a symbol of good fortune to us because whenever he comes around, the rain soon follows.'

The new villager nodded, 'I've been seeing paintings and sculptures of this Raven all over the village. Where does he come from?'

'We don't know. He comes and goes as he pleases. We're praying he comes our way soon.'

Just then, they heard the chief's son shouting, 'Father! Father!'

They all rose to their feet as the boy ran into the tribal house. He knelt before the chief, breathing heavily.

'Father', he said, trying to catch his breath.

'What is it?', the chief asked anxiously.

'I saw him', the boy said.

'Saw who?', his father asked.

'The Raven.'

'The Raven?', everyone shouted.

The boy nodded. 'Yes. In the bush as my friends and I were playing.'

The villagers danced happily because they knew it would soon rain. And sure enough, a few days later the heavens opened and rain fell heavily on the land.

'Thank you, Raven.', they said as they danced in the rain."

Totem Pole is Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Includes Story Card
Height: 10" Inches