Salmon Wall Plaque

Salmon Wall Plaque


Eagle's Salmon Legacy

"Eagle flies high above the Misty Fjords, which he rules, but because of the mist, has never seen his kingdom below.

One day, while soaring along the edge of the cliffs, he spots two salmon in a pool at the mouth of the river, at the entrance of his kingdom. He questioned the two salmon, 'Why haven't you entered the Misty Fjords?'

'Oh', said the salmon. 'Guarding the mouth of the river is a sentinel who calls himself Orca. He will not let us pass.'

Surprised by the information about his kingdom he has never seen, he said, 'I will fly you high above the Misty Fjords to the land of two lakes, which I can see, if you promise to send your children to return here each year and have them tell me the stories within my kingdom.'

And they did."

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Includes Story Card
Length: 9" Inches