Eagle & Killer Whale

Eagle & Killer Whale


The Gathering

"Raven flew to the cedar branches overlooking the beach. He watched as the villagers brought bread, berries and smoked salmon to the dancers whose bright colored capes, symbolizing the bear, whooshed as they turned. Together they sang songs from the soul, reverberating off the forest wall.

Raven saw canoes full of villagers from neighboring tribes join the gathering. He heard them tell of the many fishing grounds, of the halibut, salmon and cod. He smacked his lips in delight.

Raven was delighted that the different tribes were sharing the warmth of the springtime day with such a wonderful feast, knowing of course that there would be some food left for him, for it was Raven who brought the Sun back into the world for everyone to enjoy."

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Includes Story Card
Height 9" inches