Ultra Fleece Chilkat Blanket

Ultra Fleece Chilkat Blanket


The incredibly soft plush fleece blanket designed by Andy Everson, available in six exquisite color sets.

Embrace the rich heritage and timeless beauty of Northwest Coast designs by bringing it into your home decor. Totem Design House Ultra Soft Fleece Blanket, connects you to the timeless imagery and stories of our culture culture. 

The blankets have been sized to wear for blanketing ceremonies, so they are a perfect honoring gift. Blankets measure: 145 x 175cm

CHILKAT: In my lineage we have a story about Raven desiring to obtain a prestigious name. He enlisted his friend Mink to accompany him inside a Great Whale to journey over to Haida Gwaii. Surrounded by members of the village, Raven was able to win the hand of the Princess in exchange for the remains of the whale. Raven’s son from this marriage carried the name Eda’nsa back to the people of the Tongass. This design—rendered in the “chilkat” style—illustrates that legend.