Fish Creek Company is located at #13 Creek Street near the Cape Fox Funicular in Ketchikan, Alaska; owned and operated by year-round Ketchikan resident, Hamilton Gelhar.

Available by Phone: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm (AKST).

- Our Website is OPEN for shopping 24/7

Fish Creek Company offers many unique items from Hamilton's photographs to Alaskan Native Silver and Gold Jewelry, Fossil Mammoth Jewelry, Walrus Ivory Jewelry, Whalebone and Alaskan Ivory Carvings, Alaskan Native Art Prints, Alaskan Drums, Steel Artwork, Alaskan Totem Poles, Scrimshaw, Intarsia Woodworking, Alaskan Ulu Knives, Fine Art Cards, Local Artisan Soap, Salmon Leather, Christmas Ornaments, Copper River Fleece, T-shirts, and more...

Creek Street was once famous as the place where "both men and salmon went upstream to spawn." Creek Street still thrives, but now the boardwalk is visited by tourists from all over the world touring Dolly's House a famous bordello and browsing the very unique shops along Ketchikan Creek.

While visiting Skagway, Alaska, Hamilton caught the photo of a lifetime. Three Little Bears, a mama and two cubs, were walking in a line; one black, one white and one brown. Black bears are similar to Labrador Retrievers, their fur can be black, white and brown. The capture of this amazing photo was the beginning of Fish Creek Company in 2007.

We hope you enjoy our online store!

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Ketchikan Alaska online shopping fish creek

Ketchikan Alaska online shopping fish creek

Ketchikan Alaska online shopping fish creek