Raven Plaque

Raven Plaque

The Legend of The Sun and Raven

"Sun was kept in a box within the tribal house. The world was left dark and cold outside. It was Chief of the Nass River and his wife who kept a close eye on the box, for it was not to be opened.

Raven knew he must rescue Sun. He transformed himself into a hemlock needle, which the chief's daughter drank along with water she had cupped in her hands from the stream.
Raven became the chief's grandson, in human form. Raven was cherished. His grandfather gave him everything, except the box. Raven cried for so many days that grandfather finally let him play with the box.

When no one was looking, Raven opened the lid; out came Sun, who rushed towards the smoke hole in the ceiling, only to have it's long rays get stuck. Quickly, Raven turns himself back into bird form, raced to the ceiling and pushed Sun through the opening. As he pushed, some rays broke off from the Sun. These became the moon and the stars. The people who rushed out the tribal house entry door became the animals whose furs they wore."

Artist Signed and Hand Carved from Cedar in Ketchikan, Alaska

Includes Story Card

Size: 10" tall X 3 1/4" wide

Hangs Flat on Wall