Russian 8" Knife "Mermaid Bone" Handle by Maynard Linder

Russian 8" Knife "Mermaid Bone" Handle by Maynard Linder


Russian Knife 8"  High Carbon Steel Blade with Mermaid Bone or Steller's Sea Cow Handle by Maynard Linder

Maynard Linder Knives are handmade in Homer, Alaska from Recycled carpenters' handsaw blades, two-man cross-cut saws or mill band saw blades with a high carbon content. This type of steel is preferred for its lightness, flexibility and ability to take and maintain a razor sharp edge.

The handle is made from Extinct Stellar Sea Cow. The Steller's Sea Cow was introduced to Russian Hunters in 1741 when Vitus Bering, Ship's naturalist Georg Steller, and others were shipwrecked in the Bering Sea. By 1768, Russian fur hunters had eaten these slow-moving, docile animals into extinction.

The handles are bedded in epoxy and riveted completely through themselves and the blade with brass rivets for a lifetime of service and stability.

The Knife can be sharpened with a diamond steel, or a medium Arkansas stone.