Seiner and Whales Plate On sale

Seiner and Whales Plate

$36.00 $48.00

Totem Cheese Tray On sale

Totem Cheese Tray

$46.40 $58.00

Rounded Salmon Plate On sale

Rounded Salmon Plate

$28.50 $38.00

Sushi Plate On sale

Sushi Plate

$28.50 $38.00

Salmon Bread Tray On sale

Salmon Bread Tray

$44.25 $59.00

Salmon Pate Knife On sale

Salmon Pate Knife

$13.26 $18.95

Salmon  Flat Tray On sale

Salmon Flat Tray

$39.20 $49.00

Salmon Platter On sale

Salmon Platter

$99.00 $120.00

Sun Spirit Dish/Bowl On sale

Sun Spirit Dish/Bowl

$28.00 $35.00

Sun Spirit Serving/Cake Tray On sale

Sun Spirit Serving/Cake Tray

$79.20 $88.00

Eagle Cake Server On sale

Eagle Cake Server

$27.20 $34.00

Eagle Salad Tongs On sale

Eagle Salad Tongs

$33.60 $42.00

Bear Wine/Candle Tray On sale

Bear Wine/Candle Tray

$24.00 $32.00

Bear Oblong Dish/Plate On sale

Bear Oblong Dish/Plate

$43.20 $54.00

Polar Bear Flat Tray On sale

Polar Bear Flat Tray

$39.20 $49.00

Eskimo Pate Knife/Spoon On sale

Eskimo Pate Knife/Spoon

from $14.20

Salmon Salad Tongs On sale

Salmon Salad Tongs

$25.50 $34.00

Bear Salad Tongs On sale

Bear Salad Tongs

$25.50 $34.00

Wasabi Dish On sale

Wasabi Dish

$12.70 $16.95

Spirit Moon Spoon On sale

Spirit Moon Spoon

$14.20 $18.95